Friday, September 18, 2009


Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment

The Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) is offering the public an opportunity to comment on its plan for FY2010 federal transit funding. Please post your comments online by 9 a.m. by Tuesday, September 29, 2009 or comment in person at TriMet's Administrative Offices noted below.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 9 a.m.
TriMet Administrative Offices, Rooms A & B
4012 SE 17th Avenue, Portland 97202

TriMet will provide a sign language interpreter for anyone who requests it at least 48 hours before the Public Comment meeting by calling 503-962-4813 or TDD 503-962-5811, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Estimated eligible programs in FY2010

% of federal funding

Section 5307

Urbanized Area Formula



Section 5307

Congestion, Mitigation & Air Quality


$ 8,200,000

Section 5307

Surface Transportation Program



Section 5309

Fixed Guideway Modernization



Section 5309

New Starts



Section 5309

New Starts



Section 5316

Job Access & Reverse Commute



Section 5317

New Freedom Funds





Proposed Program of Projects

Bus and Rail Preventive Maintenance: $40,000,000 Section 5307 funds, $11,500,000 Section 5309FG funds, and $1,500,000 STP funds
Regional Rail Debt Service: $7,990,000 CMAQ funds and $1,310,000 STP funds
Bus Stops & Streamline Treatments: $3,200,000 STP funds
I-205/Portland Mall Light Rail Project: $74,550,000 Section 5309NS funds
Portland Streetcar: $30,450,000 Section 5309NS funds
Low-Income Transportation to Work Programs: $750,000 Section 5316 funds
Elderly and Disabled Transportation Programs: $425,000 Section 5317 funds.
Milwaukie FEIS: $210,000 CMAQ funds
Pedestrian Network Analysis: $125,000 STP funds
Bus Purchase: $1,465,000 STP funds

Actual receipt of grant funds and the accounting recognition of grant revenue are contingent on a final federal transportation appropriations bill for next federal fiscal year. These projects show the plan for the maximum expected amount. If less funding is available, the federal involvement in these projects will be reduced.

Additional eligible programs in FY2009

% of federal funding

South Corridor Project: $32,000,000

(5309NS ARRA @72.88%)

Rail Preventive Maintenance: $2,300,000

(STP @89.73%)

Rail Preventive Maintenance: $2,346,564

(STP ARRA @100%)

Portland to Lake Oswego Transit: $972,673

(STP @89.73%)

Hillsboro Intermodal Facility: $1,852,500

(5309B @80%)

Innovative Battery Technology: $120,000

(STP @89.73%)

Milwaukie Park & Ride Facility: $2,454,000

(STP ARRA @100%)

Foster Road Layover Concrete Bus Pads: $200,000

(STP ARRA @100%)

I-205 Bicycle/Pedestrian/Lighting Project: $3,246,000

(STP ARRA @100%)

Portland Streetcar: $356,832

(STP ARRA @100%)

WES Train Horn Noise Reduction: $689,000

(STP ARRA @100%)

All projects have been selected through TriMet's planning process, which incorporates public involvement, and are included in the Metropolitan and State Transportation Improvement Programs. These projects conform to comprehensive land use and transportation planning in the area.

If more information is needed on the Proposed Program of Projects or Public Comment meeting, please use the comment link noted above.


Al M said...

Millions and millions, not one drop for bus service!

Erik H. said...

We're spending more money to pay the INTEREST on WES, than we are on bus service!

Anonymous said...

Blame the feds more than TriMet. Our service gaps was only about $20 something million but they're spending all that bail out money/stimulus money on "potholes" & "painting"...

I digress, point is, I bet both of you guys voted for Obama right? Ya get what ya vote for, and even more of what you pay for.

On a side note, the irony is the LAST administration was vastly more pro-bus than this administration. Irony of that eh. Just like that Cascadia Institute you love so much Al - they're always loving on buses.

You guys sure you aren't neo-con Republican faux free-market Libertarians?

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