Saturday, October 17, 2009


  • “Fairless Square,” in honor of the bus riders who will feel like second-class commuters come January.
  • “Funky Town.” Come on. It’s got potential. If not funky, things will probably be a bit confusing for tourists.
  • “The Recession Rubicon.”
  • “Isn’t Fair Square.”
  • “Hansen’s Hexagon,” in honor of TriMet head honcho Fred Hansen (plus, the area looks more like a hexagon than a square).
"The Payup Layup."

"Ten Billion Dollar Plaza"

Thug Triangle.

Spare-Change Sector.

Feckless Square

"Yet Another Service Cut"

handouts R us

I ain't paying square

drugs r us

"Fear Zone"

"Low Life Square"

"Crackhead Square"

Single Occupancy Vehicle Trapazoid

Free Rail Zone

Taxpayer is getting screwed zone

"Stolen taxes pay your fare zone"

Hugo Chavez Square?

Drug Access/Free Transit (DAFT)

Free While Urinetown


Elites Rule Square!

Skid Row?

Murderers' Row?

Light Enforcement Zone

New Economy Zone

Business Killer Zone

Skanky Dirty Wine Line

Central Access Rail Service -- CARS!

Boondoggle area

Hansen's Folly Square ?

Taypayers' Fleeced Square ?

Poor Decision-Making Square ?

Homeless Square.

Lenin Square

Hobo Delight

"Lack of Consistency Square"

Stinky seatmate square.

dirt bag center

Fred Hansen Money Square

John Charles Memorial Square

George Passadore Zone

James Chasse Memorial Square

Caesar Chavez Worshipers Zone

"Spare Some Change?" Zone

Vagrant A-hole Sales Territory (VAST)

Fare That Isn't Fair

Elect the TriMet Board

Piercings & Pitbulls Square


Anonymous said...

You went and got creative Al. Great list.

Al M said...

Coming from you that's a great compliment!