Saturday, October 31, 2009


Jeff F Says:

Al: That seems to be a taboo subject! There are never any discussions around the issue of doing something about that ridiculous zone system they have in place here!

Al, there are plenty of discussions on the subject and on fare policy in general. I doubt you could find a single person in the agency that is a fan of the current system, but any solution will probably involve new methods of fare collection.

al: I've been hearing that TRIMET won't even have printed schedules anymore! They expect everybody to get it off the internet!

Not true, Al. The quantity of schedules being printed has been dramatically cut over the last few years with very little complaint from customers. This has not only saved $$$ on printing and distribution costs but on what had been massive amounts of recycling. In the olden days, print runs had no real connection to use; the policy was to saturate the region with schedules regardless of whether or not they were being used. Hundreds of thousands of printed schedules literally never made it onto a rack much less into a customer's hands.

We have to be a lot more efficient and a lot more cost-conscious these days--and it is also a fact that a lot of TriMet's customers no longer need or want printed schedules but instead use the phone or the Internet to get their information (and consequently get more current information).

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