Thursday, October 15, 2009

TriMet’s award-winning website has new features and a new look

’s award-winning website has new features and a new look
If you have visited recently, you probably noticed that things look a bit different!

Yesterday, TriMet’s Web Team launched a new homepage design that includes a number of improvements that make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. In the next few weeks, the rest of the site will be updated as well.

In addition to a bold new look, here’s what’s changing on

· The new pages are wider, providing more flexibility in page layouts and we can fit more useful content on the screen at one time.

· The homepage design puts more focus on the Trip Planner (what most people come for), and we added prominent buttons for the most popular features, including the new Interactive System Map.

· Text is now larger and easier to read.

· The Search box moved to the top of the page for more visibility, and the Email Updates signup box is now available on the homepage.

· The new navigation menu maintains the site’s 5 familiar sections, while allowing advanced users to click to see more options. This makes it much easier to find a schedule, for example.

· A new “super-footer” makes non-riding content—like Projects, Employer Programs and Developer Resources—more accessible from the homepage.

· There are now links to TriMet’s social media sites in the footer.

· For employees, you’ll find a link to TriNET included in the footer.

This update reflects the agency’s ongoing efforts to enhance the customer experience by improving the delivery of self-service electronic information. is a key customer information tool for TriMet, with about 650,000 visits and 300,000 trips planned each month. Recently, a new Interactive Trip Planner/System Map was added to the site, which lets users see their itinerary and other transit information on a map.

TriMet’s Web Team periodically updates the website’s design, code and features to adjust to changes in technology, content and the needs of our users.

In the coming weeks, watch for other new features throughout the site. You are welcome to provide feedback and suggestions for the new site by emailing

Thank you to the many creative and talented TriMet employees who made this update possible

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