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Vacation holdback will be conducted via TriNET

Operator Notice

October 12, 2009

Coming this December: Make your vacation holdback request online

This December, bus and rail operators will submit vacation holdback requests by computer. Instead of

turning in a form to a station agent and waiting for results, you will log in to TriNET, see your eligibility,

make your request, and get an immediate response. You’ll need to know your user ID and password to

make a vacation holdback request. Trainers and station management will be contacting operators who

have never logged in, or haven’t logged in recently, to help you.

Besides saving paper and time, this approach is a first step toward giving you easier access to

information about yourself and your work by using the computer. “Operator self-serve” will be phased in

over several years, starting with basics, such as vacation holdback, request to go fulltime, or one-day

signups. Eventually it will cover more complex requests, such as trading work, request slips and even

regular signups.

FAQs: Vacation holdback & TriNET

Will all 2010-11 vacation holdback requests be made on TriNET?

Yes. Trainers and station management will make themselves available to help you successfully submit

your request by computer.

What about vacation signup, vacation relief signup, regular signup, etc?

None of these processes have been moved on to TriNET yet, but that’s the goal. Self-serve vacation

holdback requests are a first step in this direction. Specifically, the next two signups (Winter 2009 and

vacation 2010-11) will be conducted in the Center Street report area, not on the computer. Discussion

with and notification of operators will take place before next steps are taken.

How do I know my user ID and password?

Every TriMet employee has a user ID, even if they’ve never used it. For most employees, your user ID

is the first seven letters of your last name plus the first letter of your first name. If you’ve never logged in

to TriNET, or if your last login was more than three months ago, the Help Desk has set up your CDL

number as your temporary password.

Who can help if I'm having problems with the computer?

Garage trainers and other training supervisors provide operators with work-related computer help. For

example, trainers can help you figure out what your user ID is; log in; choose a new password; and

answer the “password maintenance” questions to help if you forget your password or it expires.

In addition, employees have access to the Help Desk (x5818, 4th floor Center) during their open hours.

Can I use TriNET from home?

Yes, as long as you’ve chosen your own password and answered your password maintenance

questions. There’s one exception: The very first time you log in needs to take place at work, on one of

the computers that requires login (not the “kiosk” computers near the station agent window).

Why do we have to change our passwords every three months?

It’s a requirement for all TriMet employees, and part of how we keep the system secure.

What about privacy?

TriMet restricts access to employee information to those who have a legitimate business need for the

information. The operator self-serve approach expands access by exactly one person: You. Employees

are responsible for keeping their passwords private. Operator self-serve applications, starting with the

vacation holdback request, will have security features, such as requiring you to enter your password

before you submit your request. For more information about privacy (including how public records laws

apply to TriMet’s computer networks), contact IT or your manager.

If I think the information about my timeloss is wrong, what should I do?

As in the past, speak with anyone in station management if you have a question or concern about what

the vacation holdback system says about your timeloss. If your timeloss is reversed, you can log in

again and change your request.

I'm not eligible for (or interested in) vacation holdback. Do I have to start using TriNET?

No, but it’s a good idea to know your user ID and set up your password so you can take advantage of

the other resources on TriNET and be ready when other processes move from paper to computer



Vacation holdback allows operators to take vacation one day at a time instead of by the week.

Earned means you will have earned the weeks sometime during the vacation year (4/4/10-3/30/11).

Chargeable timeloss is measured from 12/1/08 through 11/30/09 and is defined as chargeable

oversleeps, excused and unexcused absences, sick time, and suspensions. Non-chargeable hours

include paid leave, unpaid leave, FMLA, Comp, TDA and light duty. If you hold back vacation time

and don’t use it, it will be paid off at the end of the vacation year. You can’t carry it to the next year.

                  Fulltime operator Minirun operator

Qualified to hold back 1 week Earned 2 weeks Earned 3 weeks

Qualified to hold back 2 weeks Earned 3 weeks Earned 4 weeks

                      Chargeable timeloss: Chargeable timeloss:
                      60 hours or less 38 hours or less

The 2010-11 vacation holdback notice will be issued in late November. You will be able to submit

your request between December 2 and 26. The vacation holdback request program will be

accessible from the homepage, under “TriNET applications.”

-----------text of notice------------------------------

Attached, below and on TriNET is an updated version of yesterday’s Operator Notice about TriNET and vacation holdback. Please discard the earlier version.

The two updates are as follows:

Clarification--privacy of your CDL number: “We chose the CDL because you know it—it’s in your wallet—but other people don’t. The list of CDLs generated for this project is stored in a super-secure part of TriNET’s computer network, and will be destroyed at the end of this project. Only a very limited number of IT employees, approved by the chief technology officer, can view the list of CDLs.”

Correction--unused holdback days: “Minirunners who hold back vacation time and don’t use it will lose it; fulltime operators will have it paid off at the end of the vacation year.”

Station agents, please post this notice and remove the Oct. 12 version.

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