Saturday, November 21, 2009


Famous blogger Jack Bogdanski lectures me.
My post:
"""Blame TRIMET, blame the OPERATOR, blame blame blame. Hey, this is AMERICA, where its always easier to blame someone else than take responsibility. Of course its all the rage to point the finger at the most evil of government agencies, TRIMET, the #1 punching bag for all the anti government lunatics that live in the greater Portland area. The dad is the one that is at fault, how come he wasn't watching out for his son? And from what I understand, he could have stopped the train by pulling the emergency stop control in the glass box, which he did not do. In any event, this is not something that is so unusual, it happens quite often actually, but right about now putting TRIMET in the news guarantees a certain amount of sales and/or readers. Nothing happened, it wasn't news! The only story here is a public interest story on a good Samaritan who took the time to tend to the child."""

Jacks lecture:
"""You've got to be kidding, Al. This was a serious disaster in the making, caused by bad maintenance, operator error, bad equipment design, or all of the above. If you want to marginalize yourself further, just keep shouting about it, but this one isn't going away."""

My response to lecture:
I don't worry about being "marginalized". This was not a big deal, that's my opinion, I think its all hype. I say what I feel, if that leads to marginalization then so be it! (I still think you should run for mayor)"""

~~>And I do think he would be an excellent mayor<~~~

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