Friday, November 20, 2009


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Anonymous said...

Now this is where I can stand behind a Union, shoulder to shoulder, against the stupidity of the Government.

Then of course I can stand with anyone, devil he may be, if it is against stupidity.

The law is absolutely screwy if they didn't leave in appropriate "exceptions". On another note, if there is the handless headsets available TriMet could/should update to those as they're stupidly cheap considering how important communication is. In addition they should increase appropriate communication, fix the funneling of that to appropriate sources, and implement better GPS tracking a bunching control!

This should be done across not just buses, but trains too, as they also bunch since TriMet doesn't really have a grip on traffic on the mall & across Morrison & Yamhill. Making it global across the system would help drastically in allocating runs dynamically and not sticking you guys with shit layovers and other things like that.

...the things one could wish for. :)