Thursday, October 8, 2009


Over the summer and last school year I worked in HR in the administrative office of the public transportation agency (called TriMet) in Portland. Probably the most hilarious customer call I ever got went as follows:

Him: "Ok, so this has bothered me for a long time. Every bus driver for TriMet is either a Democrat, or resembles a Democrat [yes, he actually said "resembles"]. I have been tallying this for two years now whenever I ride the bus, and I have not found one Republican yet. Why does TriMet only hire Democrats?"
Me: "We do not make hiring decisions based on political affilia-"
Him: "Look, I'm a Young Republican, I've lived in Portland for 35 years and I deserve better!"
Me: "I'm not sure what to tell you beyond what I already have..."
Him: "Are you a Democrat?"
Me: "I'm unaffil-"
Him: "This is ridiculous, can you put me through to your manager?"


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