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October 12, 2009

September ridership report includes new Green Line

MAX weekly trips increased nearly 12%

With the opening of the MAX Green Line, weekly ridership on MAX has increased nearly 12 percent compared to September 2008. The Green Line also averaged 17,000 weekday trips.

MAX (Sept. 13-30, 2009 figures compared to Sept. 2008)

  • Weekly MAX trips increased 11.8 percent to 785,000 trips
  • Weekday MAX trips up 9.8 percent 121,200 trips
  • Weekend trips up 19.1 percent up 179,000 trips
  • Rush hour trips increased 6.7 percent to 36,400 trips

MAX Green Line (Sept. 13-30)

  • Weekday trips totaled 17,000
  • Weekend trips totaled 31,900

Overall, there were 8.3 million trips on buses, MAX and WES trains in September 2009, a 4 percent decline over September 2008. Ridership is impacted by service cuts that took effect this month, the continued recession, double-digit unemployment and lower gas prices that were at record levels last year.

Bus (figures for entire month)

  • Weekly bus trips declined 9.5 percent to 1,202,700 trips
  • Weekday bus trips declined 9.4 percent to 200,700 trips
  • Weekend bus trips declined 10 percent to 199,200 trips
  • Rush hour bus trips were down 14.8 percent to 64,700 trips


  • Weekly WES trips totaled 5,625
  • Weekday/rush hour trips averaged 1,125 boardings.


Real time arrival information is available for all 7,100 bus stops and 64 MAX stations. Check TransitTracker online or by calling 503-238-RIDE (7433) and entering the Stop ID number.

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